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Friday 25 May

8:00Workshop Registration

9:00Morning WorkshopsCoffee break @ 10:30 (30min)

10:30 (30min)
Boon Sheridan
Boon SheridanAud II

A workshop to help you add customer journeys to your design toolset. When we’re done you'll walk away with examples of what they can do, methods to crank them out in various scenarios, and hands-on experience of doing them as a group with guidance and critique along the way.

Jaime Levy
Jaime LevyAud III

User experience (UX) strategy lies at the intersection of UX design and business strategy. It is a process that should be started first, before the design or development of a product begins. It relies on empirical, lightweight tactics for pushing cross-functional teams toward a unique digital solution that customers want. Today, a UX differentiation is the digital-product game changer. Differentiated user experiences have completely revolutionized the way we shop, travel, communicate and experience our day-to-day life.

Stacey Seronick
Stacey SeronickRoom 1

Speaking from experience, I can tell you it's virtually impossible to test intent. When you are building a mostly spoken UI, such as an Alexa or Google Home interface, it is imperative to test your conversations early and often, but the kicker is that it can be really difficult to do with more traditional user testing techniques.

Cornelius Rachieru
Cornelius RachieruRoom 2

In today's world, we’re dealing with ever expanding multi-device multi-screen multi-service ecosystems across multiple channels. Most of these ecosystem profiles have their own user behaviours, user needs, interaction models and design patterns. As design leaders, is there something we can do to better understand the big picture? In this half day workshop you’ll learn about the importance of initially focusing your design practice on the overall service ecosystem rather than the small design details that are a byproduct of the constant switching of products and channels.

Russell Parrish
Russell ParrishRoom 5

Explore the power of a design thinking to create an industry disruptive consumer mobile application for VR platforms. This workshop will cover how to create world class experiences that focus on the needs of the user to differentiate your business. Prototype your solution and view it in VR using our paper prototyping rig which utilizes a 360 degree camera to bring your sketches into a VR environment.

12:30Lunch Venue's Restaurant

14:00Afternoon WorkshopsCoffee break @ 15:30 (30min)

15:30 (30min)
Kim Goodwin
Kim GoodwinAud II

Once you have data from user research, how do you turn that into a compelling design solution… and herd the cats along with you? It's especially tough when you have to work around limited project scope and organizational silos. That's the focus of this half-day workshop.

Alastair Somerville
Alastair SomervilleAud III

A workshop on designing for mixed realities. Using both play and physical exploration of places, this workshop first provides a human-centered model for design for personal perspectives and perception. The workshop then shows ways in which existing UX and Service Design tools can be augmented to manage product development when users are encountering multiple layers of information thru augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Bruce McCarthy
Bruce McCarthyRoom 1

Learn how to create product roadmaps that fit within Lean and Agile methods. Bruce will guide you into best practices for product roadmapping that focus on results rather than features and dates.

Dan Lockton
New Metaphors Room 2
Dan LocktonRoom 2

Metaphors are central to lots of interaction design, but we don't always slow down to examine the metaphors we're using, and whether alternatives might offer something different — creative ways to understand data and the ways things work, new forms of (often more qualitative) interface, and new ways for people to interact with the systems around them.

Kathryn McElroy
Kathryn McElroyRoom 5

The intersection of physical and digital products is exploding with ideas, and building and testing prototypes is the best way to vet and develop those ideas into valuable, impactful products. Come learn about prototyping for physical products with Arduino, an open source-electronics platform. By combining your UX skills with this platform, you’ll add a new dimension to your prototyping skills and create physical, interactive experiences beyond the screen.

17:30End of Sessions

19:00After Party

21:00Dinner (Optional - 30€)